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Do you have a swimming pool that requires repairs, renovation, or restoration? Or do you need professional pool construction? Pool Builders Kansas City also specializes in swimming pool repairs and renovations in Kansas City. Having your pool’s waterline re-tiled, re-plastering your pool, and coping redone, can definitely turn your yard into a modern masterpiece. We can also add new water features, change the shape of your pool, or even add a spa.

Pool renovations are an excellent opportunity to enhance and modernize your pool lighting, filtration, and cleaning system. It is a great chance to take advantage of new innovations in pool equipment, heating options, and water sanitization.

Pool Builders in Kansas City is your most trusted and reliable pool company in Missouri that you can call anytime. We are available 24/7 to serve and assist you. Contact us today for quality and efficient pool services.

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Pool Builders Kansas City: Missouri’s Custom Pool Specialist

At Pool Builders Kansas City, we are the leading custom pool builders in Missouri, with over 20 years of industry experience. We offer a wide range of services, including building customized pools from scratch to delivering unique and stylish remodeling to existing pools. Our team is highly skilled and equipped to build custom-designed pools and spas, both innovative and stunning, and they strive to ensure every swimming pool we build meets the requirements of our clients. We are committed to providing you with high-quality customer service and outstanding well-built custom pools that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Aside from being more aesthetically pleasing, building a custom pool allows you the freedom to design no matter what your heart desires and budget allows. Pool Builders Kansas City is dedicated to building fantastic pool structures that deliver years of enjoyment and entertainment for your family, friends, and guests.

To further complement your pool design, our expert team can help with various pool covers, filtration systems, fencing, decking, engineering specifications, council approval, and heating options for the cooler seasons. If you are looking for quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and an efficient and quick process, you cannot go wrong with the best custom pool builders in Missouri.

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Our Pool Building Process

To provide you high-quality swimming pools and a smooth, hassle-free process, we follow a systematic procedure in pool building.

Council Approval

Before starting the work on-site, several applications have to be processed in order to gain council approval. We will organize the engineering specifical, certificate of design compliance, building perming, and other permits needed to build your pool.


Once we have obtained all the necessary permits and certification, excavation can begin. We utilize an excavator or bobcat to dig your pool into its proper shape and depth.

Form & Steel Work

Form and steel work is conducted to engineering specifications. You may need double caging if your pool is positioned within close proximities to the boundary.

Plumbing & Concrete

Installation of plumbing and light fixtures is conducted before the concrete is sprayed to a minimum of 150mm thick. At this point, pool walls, steps, and seats are shaped and then followed by backfilling, compaction, and finalizing the plumbing connections.

Tile & Capping

We fix the tiles to the top of the pool wall, including the waterline tile, then fix the capping. The installation of capping can be adhered to first, depending on your choice of tile.


A secure pool barrier must be installed to American standards before the plastering takes place. And then, the plaster is adhered to your pool for a stunning, smooth finish. Acid washing your pool is recommended to enhance the color of the plaster.

Filtration & Handover

The filtration equipment, such as the pump and filter, can now be installed. During a comprehensive handover, we will demonstrate the proper use of the pool and maintenance equipment. Your stunning, fully operational swimming pool is now ready to be used.

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Pool Builders Kansas City MO

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Whether you need our services for pool construction, repairs, or renovation, we guarantee you get the best services.

Pool Builders Kansas City MO

Professional Team

We ensure that each of our staff is licensed and certified to make sure they provide top-notch services and products.

Pool Builders Kansas City MO

Customized Design

Our professional designers and pool builders can create a unique swimming pool that reflects your personality.

Pool Builders Kansas City MO

Work With Experience

We follow a systematic method to ensure a fast and efficient process. You will experience the best pool service in Kansas with our effective management.

Pool Builders Kansas City MO

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Our team always puts you first and ensures to provide you services and results that exceed your expectations.

Pool Builders Kansas City MO

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With our affordable services, you do not have to worry about your budget when achieving your dream yard. You can have a stunning and durable swimming pool without breaking a bank.

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"I immediately called Pool Builders Kansas City when I noticed my pool was very dirty. They arrived on time, inspected my pool, and conducted the necessary actions to make it clean and safe again to swim. Thank you so much!"

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Denise X.

"t was my first time building a swimming pool, and it was such a wonderful experience. Thanks to Pool Builders Kansas City, who helped me make the process smooth, faster, and less stressful. I couldn’t thank them enough! Highly recommended!"

Frequently Asked Questions

An inground pool installation for example a small vinyl liner pool could range from $25,000 (for the basics) and roughly $35,000 for additional features such as heating and fencing. However, this would depend on the type of installation and equipment used. A 12X24 fiberglass pool can cost between $40,0000 to $45,000, this would depend on the features that you want to be added and also the needs for your backyard area. A concrete type using the same dimension may cost more than $40,000 and may sum up to close to $50,000.

Owning a swimming pool comes with the responsibility of maintaining its cleanliness. Here are ways you can prolong your pool’s cleanliness:

  1. Remove debris.
  2. Vacuum the pool.
  3. Adjust the chemical components.
  4. Backwash the filter.
  5. Clean pump filter.
  6. Add chlorine to the system.

Lastly, check the pool’s water levels and refill if necessary if this shows less than halfway up the skimmer well mouth.

The cost depends on the type of pool, dimensions, and who you are hiring to build the pool. For an inground pool, the cost could start from $25,000. However, the best way to get an accurate cost estimate is to talk to professionals. From there, you can allocate the budget and check for financing options.

Here are the three most popular types of inground pools to consider:

  1. Concrete Pool - This is the most popular type of pool yet expensive. It is often called the Gunite or Shotcrete pools.
  2. Vinyl Pool - It is the second most popular type of inground pool. Each pool is made from a one-piece flexible liner that fits into an excavated hole and is attached to a steel or aluminum framed wall.
  3. Fiberglass Pool - This type of pool is factory molded into a giant bowl-shaped shell which is set to the excavated hole by a crane.

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